Prime bio Tanix Repair Mask and Volume Reducer 30 1kg

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It was developed exclusively to repair the hair fiber and reduce the volume. It is a product enriched with a complex of nutrients, amino acids and a blend of 7 royal oils that cause a natural change in the strand. It works by filling the hair fiber with mass replacement and allows the complete recovery of damaged hair, acting where more hair needs care forming a protective layer, locking in moisture and sealing the cuticle. It’s an innovative treatment for facilitating the work of professional hair stylists. PROTEIN REDUCER REPAIR offers a complete treatment for all hair types. The result is soft hair, full of shine, healthy, and hydrated with longevity. It’s guaranteed to work in just 30 minutes!

How to Use:

  • After washing the hair, dry 50% of the threads with a towel and divide into 4 equal parts.
  • Apply strand by strand or varnish with a fine comb. Let it act on the break time of 30 minutes, no need for heat source.
  • After the break time, rinse the hair with water, dry and brush wick to wick the wires, activating the satin touch and the intense glow.
  • The result is a soft hair with extreme shine and perfect tone, with action of only 30 minutes. Suitable for all types of hair.
  • If you want a greater reduction of frizz, plank hair at 200ºC in fine wicks 5 to 10 times. In light discolored hair, use the board at 180ºC, always plucking more the root than the tips. No need to rinse, finish as desired.

Hyaluronic acid:

  • Anti-aging action;
  • Fills cuticular fissures;
  • Forms an outer film that helps maintain hydration;
  • Helps preserve the integrity of fibers as well as capillaries;
  • Keeps yarn healthy, with natural looking, flexible and very bright.

Tannic Acid: Extracted from Black Acacia, it acts on the hair releasing hydrogen and providing volume reduction and frizz.

Murumuru Oil: Fruit of the Amazon, a kind of coconut, from the seeds is extracted an oil rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acids. The use of Murumuru oil has many advantages: it is highly nutritious, emollient and moisturizing to the hair and allows the recovery of moisture and natural elasticity of the hair.

Bacaba Oil - Açu: It is extracted from a single stem palm is best known in the State of Pará, is greenish and perfumed, with physicochemical properties similar to those of olive oil. The high content of linoleic acid (16%), essential fatty acids (EFA), which is one of the lipid components of the yarn, helps reduce water loss and prevent dryness by revitalizing the scalp.

Violet 43: Technology of Italian origin with a blend of pigments with high fixing power that permeate the fibers, preserves the tone for much longer and eliminates the undesirable tones.

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