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Zen Hair Capillary 4D Matting 2 x 1Liter

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If what you are looking for is an effective smooth effect, total volume reduction with true nutrition, Mass Replenishment and Hair Restructuring in Zen...



Zen Hair Plastic of the Yarn 4D Matizadora - PLASTIC OF THE WIRES WITH OIL OF OJON - RENDERS 5 TIMES MORE - EFFICIENCY OF THE WIRES 100% LISOS - SUPER HYDRATION BY BIOMOLECULES - COMPOUND VITAMINICS - POWER MACIEZ AND INTENSE BRIGHTNESS The Zen Hair Plastic Capillary Matizadora: Thinking in the satisfaction and well being of the Professional has registered with Anvisa for the commercialization of this product. The Repositor reconstructs the hair by doing a plastic thread by wire, smoothing 100% without any kind of relaxation. Hair Plastic Zen 4D hair styling is undoubtedly the most effective treatment available in the market at the moment, since its formulation was developed in the continuous search for the improvement of the main products in the market that have outdated technologies.

If what you are looking for is an effective smooth effect, total volume reduction with true nutrition, Mass Replenishment and Hair Restructuring in Zen Hair you find it all, because its components are of the highest quality. In his Repository (Step 2) we find a Compound of Vitamin Bules (A, B1, B5, B7, B12, C, H and E) that give strength to the hair, in addition to its Hydration by Biomolecules, Ojon Oil and Citric Acids and activated Glyoxyl. The oil of ojon present in the Zen Hair, has its origin in the Caribbean, is extracted of the chestnut of palm trees typical of Central America.

It is considered purer and seven times more potent than argan oil and therefore the speed of treatment is greater, so its benefits act much faster and more intensely. Ojon is rich in lipids, ideal for breaking down the creepy strands, the dreaded frizz. Indicated in the treatment of chemical yarns, exposed daily to UV rays, which make constant use of the hair dryer, which also suffered with chemical and coloring.

What kind of chemistry is it compatible with? The technique can be made in any type of hair and on any chemistry (dyes, wicks, relaxation), it has no limits of application as they do with other conventional products and, after its application, the hair can be washed at the time and you can notice the fantastic result ... A healthy hair and a natural smooth! The Hair Cap Zen Hair is perfect for your salon and is already a success all over Brazil with 100% satisfaction in its efficiency.

Used by leading Beauty Professionals all over Brazil, its application is much faster. There is no need for relaxation in your procedure and it is not necessary to brush. Just plank your hair well ... Facilitate and give more quality and agility to your work. Important:

Remembering that the Professional should always do a thorough analysis on his client (scalp, allergies, etc.), thus guaranteeing the results described above.

How to use:

Step 1:

(100%) How to proceed: - Wet the hair, apply Super Anti-residue shampoo and gently massage the scalp, length and tips. - Rinse the hair for full cuticle opening, repeat the operation and let it act for 15 to 20 minutes. Caution: Get 100% cuticle opening - Rinse thoroughly - Thoroughly dry hair with hot air and dryer

Step 2:

Application of SUPER Z Repository | PLASTIC WIRES | OJON OIL - Divide the hair into four parts (ear to ear, forehead at the nape) - Start the application by one of the parts with the use of a brush - Apply keeping 1 centimeter away from the root - Brush and comb the comb with fine comb get total absorption of the product into the hair - Remove all excess with a dry towel - Dry the applied part 100% with cold air from the dryer

Step 3:

Thread Alignment - Divide the part applied into thin wicks and apply high temperature plank (5 to 10 times) with thin comb at the front just to align the wires.

Step 4:

Sealing of the Cuticle - On each strand after the alignment of the thread, continue the application of the plank until complete cuticle sealing - Repeat all procedures in the other parts - Wait 15 minutes - Rinse all the hair and use the maintenance line SUPER Z.


1 Shampoo 1 Liter.

1 Volume Reducer 1 liter.

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Additional Information

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