Salvatore Blue Gold Premium Taninoplasty Set 2x1 Liter

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Salvatore Blue Gold Brush Premium has concentrated formula that provides greater performance for fast and efficient implementation without fading the hair fiber. Its action uses the technology of Taninoplastia that acts forming a protein network within the intercellular cement cortex that when activated by the temperature of the board, provides the desired format and ensuring hair more smooth, natural and bright.

It provides natural straightening services (Tanínica® Restructuring), reduction of volume, long-lasting brush finish for relaxations, emergency S.O.S, stop break and shield Xpress.

The benefits of progressive Blue Gold Brush Premium Salvatore Taninoplastia are: 0% of Formaldehyde and derivatives, practical complication in less time, higher throughput, more concentrated formulation and 2x more potent, only requires a washing procedure with the shampoo in abundance, provides glare, does not cause fading of the hair fiber, it contains substances that provide greater fixation of assets ensuring extended durability and quality of care, comfort in the application without burning eyes and respiratory system, smoothes up to 100% hair evenly and naturally and safer application in blond or bleached hair.

The Salvatore Blue Gold Kit Premium Taninoplastia is compost by:

Step 1: Shampoo Blue Gold Premium Taninoplastia 1 Liter:

Promotes thorough cleaning each hair from the roots to the tips, removing all fats and impurities in a manner that does not damage or cause loss of hair mass, so that the hair treatment process is achieved completely. Suitable exclusively for the hair treatment process Premium Gold Blue.

Use: with wet hair evenly distribute Shampoo Blue Gold Premium for all the wires gently massaging the hair and scalp without bending or twisting the wires, rinse them thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water. Pay attention to the implementation and proper cleaning the front and neck regions. Do not save on the amount of shampoo applied to ensure proper penetration of active.

Step 2: Condition Blue Gold Cream Premium Taninoplastia 1 Liter:

It acts by forming a new protein chain by the intracellular cement cortex that, when activated by temperature deck, provides the desired format. Being a natural and free product of chemical preservatives, deeply moisturizes without causing any damage to the hair.

Use: After the cleaning process with Shampoo Blue Gold Premium and dry hair, apply the mecha mecha Cream Condition Blue Gold Premium, distributed with the help of a fine comb from the root to the tips. Make sure all wires are evenly moistened. Let the product act for thirty (30) minutes for the hair absorb all product properties. Thirty minutes rinse (with water only) hair completely removing the product. Make a flat brush and brightness of the root tips and pranche slowly into thin strands on average 10 times according to the structure and fiber strength ever more pranche the root and less tips, thus preventing dryness by excess temperature. Finalize with Salvatore Cosmetics product line.

For blond hair, pranche a temperature of 180 ° C to at most 200 ° C according to the fiber strength to prevent dryness and loss of tint. At the end of the application process the Gold Xpress Premium Professional, if any mecha not get the expected result, dry it and pranche it again without new application of Blue Gold Premium Professional (Step 2).

ONLY FOR PROFESSIONALS - Aut Func.. 205.218.3

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