Keratin Richée Argan and Ojon Brush step 2

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The Argan and Ojon line, Richée Professional's powerful alignment system, now has a new formula. In addition to including noble ingredients such as Argan Oil, Ojon Oil and D-Panthenol, it has gained an increase in the percentage of treatment assets and has Sericin. The result is smoother hair, without volume, in addition to repair and hydration of the hair fiber.

Anti-residue shampoo
Gently cleanses the strands, preparing them for the alignment and volume reduction process.

Reducing Asset
Its active ingredient is acetic acid, thermally activated through a process of nanocrystallization.

Finishing Mask
Perfect complement for the alignment of the threads: it restores important elements for the vitality of the hair and for the maintenance of the smooth, with strengthening of the fiber and unparalleled shine.

1 Argan and Ojon Reducing Active 1Liter

Mode of Use
1: On wet hair, apply Argan and Ojon Anti-Residue Shampoo. Gently massage by rubbing in the opposite direction. Rinse and repeat the process until hair is completely free of residue.
2: Dry the hair, divide it into six parts and apply the Argan and Ojon Reducing Active 1 cm away from the root with a brush. With the help of a fine comb, spread the product evenly to the ends. It is mandatory to wear gloves from this stage onwards.
3: With the help of a towel, remove the excess moisture left by the Argan and Ojon Reducing Active in the wires. Dry the hair completely with the dryer in COLD air.
4: Separate the hair into small sections. Apply the board 10 to 15 times on each strand, from root to tip. Then rinse well to remove excess product.
5: Apply a generous amount of Argan and Ojon Mask to damp hair, lock by lock, from ends to roots. Massage gently and let it act for 10 minutes. Rinse well.
6: Finish as you wish (straightener or dryer).

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Size 250ml
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Manufacture Natureza Cosméticos
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