Nano Gold Jet Spray Spray Natureza Cosméticos

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Stilo Hair Trade and distribution of cosmetics
Hair spray with blue LED, Natureza Cosmeticos Nano Gold Jet Spray.

It is widely used in Hair Therapy, as it transforms fluids into nano particles that adhere and penetrate the wires better, thus improving the performance and result of potentiating products.
main advantages and benefits of blue LED
no side effects;
non-invasive treatment;
enhances hair aesthetic results;
better distribution and absorption of fluids for hair therapy.

The Blue LED enhances the results of treatments for dermatological diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis, as it soothes the scalp, helps control and combat Oiliness, thus bringing more health to the scalp.

hair fiber

It helps in healing, cauterization of the thread and helps in growth, bringing more life, strength, shine, beauty and health to the threads.

product certified by nature cosmetics, with 6 months warranty.

1 dual voltage blue LED gun
1 USB cable for charging
1 liquid container

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Código EAN 7899085599645
Brands Natureza Cosméticos
Manufacture Natureza Cosméticos
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