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The Keratin Treatment ZAPcauterization equals 10 and if usedcorrectly will obtain a result flat100% in the first application. Heat treatment ZAP is the newest option for professional beauty.
What kind of Chemistry is compatible?

The technique can be performed on any hair type and any chemicals (dyes, rovings, relaxation stuffed), has no application limits as occurs with otherconventional product and after its application the hair can be washed in hours

The Keratin Treatment ZAP is a product reconstructive wires, based on glutaraldehyde, and presents results far superior to keratintreatment with formaldehyde. Its power smoothing is high and lasts for3 to 5 months. Do not let that aspectsmoothed and split ends as thecommon treatment keratin-basedformaldehyde and still treats the wires, leaving them soft and shiny.
What should I insit on Zap Keratin?

-ZAP offers the most authentic, highest quality Brazilian Keratin products on the market today. Any stylist who has used ZAP Brazilian Keratin products will tell you: they are more effective and last longer than other keratin-based treatments, producing significantly more volume-reduction and far more shine.

In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average.

The treatment can be used on virgin or chemically treated hair, over other relaxing or straightening treatments, leaving hair straight and hydrated.

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Código EAN 7898597482735
Size 1Liter
Brands Zap
Manufacture Zap
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