Café Verde Protein Brazilian Natureza Cosmetics 2X1 Liter

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Nature Cosmetics Progressive Green Coffee Brush 2x1 Liter

The Green Coffee Anti-Waste Shampoo is highly effective in opening yarn cuticles, causing the product's assets to penetrate deeply and visibly improve the final results on your hair.

The Volume Reducer Treatment Cream contains state-of-the-art active ingredients that treat, greatly reduce hair volume and leave the hair much brighter.

How to use (step by step): Apply anti-residue shampoo to wet hair and massage. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Repeat the operation and dry the wires with dryer. Apply Volume Reducer treatment cream on dry wires, wick to wick. Leave on for 40 minutes and dry the wires, wipe the board in at least 10 times with small wicks. Wait to cool, wash the wires and brush them.

ANVISA Registration
Process 25351.495856 / 2015-73

Frequently Asked Questions:
Does the Green Coffee Progressive Brush have formaldehyde?
According to the manufacturer has the quantity regulated by ANVISA.

The Kit Contains:
01 Anti-Waste Shampoo Coffee Green 1 Liter
01 Treatment Cream Volume Reducer Green Coffee 1 Liter

More Information
Código EAN 7898562072961
Size 1Liter
Brands Natureza Cosméticos
Manufacture Natureza Cosméticos
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